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UrJar uses old laptop batteries as a lighting solution

Mobile Charger and Lighting Solution.

Urjar uses old laptop batteries to power low voltage devicesMillions of people in India don’t have access to the electrical grid. They have to uses alternative sources to light their homes. IBM did research to find out if old laptop batteries would be a good alternative. Could this be a solution to light shops and houses for the people in the slums? Research showed that 70% of these old batteries still had enough performance to be used. UrJar forms an alternative power solution for low voltage DC devices. Think about charging your mobile or lighting your shop with an LED light.
Comment by one of the shop owners: “the lantern only used to last for a maximum of 2.5 hours daily, and hence I had to close my shop by 9 (PM)…now with UrJar I can keep it open until 11 PM”


Light your shop for 9 Dollar

Cost: At a volume of 1000 pieces, the bill of material for each of these protoypes is around INR 600 ($9). The pricing includes the enclosure, electronics, a 3 Watt LED light bulb, and a mobile charger.

Want to read more?:
Download: UrJar: A Lighting Solution using Discarded Laptop Batteries [pdf]

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