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Video: Stella Lux solar powered family car with 1000 km radius

Stella Lux: A solar powered family car.

Last week I visited the presentation of the new solar powered family car called Stella Lux from Solar Team Eindhoven. Solar Team Eindhoven is a multidisciplinary team which consists of 21 students from Eindhoven University of Technology. For eighteen months they put their hearts and souls into the team and into a better future. Solar Team Eindhoven will realize the solar car that will convince the world of their vision.

Some specs from Stella Lux:

– 1000 Km range
– Energy Positive (Stella Lux generates more energy than it consumes)
– Energy management system:  SOLAR Navigator.
– Head Up Display

Picture by: TU Eindhoven, Bart van Overbeeke
Video by: Trente

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Crowdfunding: Solar panels for Sumba (Indonesia)

Crowdfunding for Sumba, Indonesia.

This Dutch guy started a crowdfunding campaign to gain awareness and raise money for a project called Expeditie Sumba (Expedition Sumba) in cooperation with Hivos. The goal is to supply a elementary school with solar panels since big parts of this island don’t have access to electricity. This is all part of a bigger plan, in 2023 the island Sumba should be completely covered with sustainable energy solutions.

You can help
If you want to help you can share this link sumba.aeret.nl. But you can also purchase a postcard which will be sent to you from Sumba. For Dutch residents you can make a flight in a sailplane. All the money gained will be donated to the project Expeditie Sumba.

Hivos  is a Dutch organization for development and provides financial support to organizations in Africa, Latin America and Asia. It provides advocacy and it supports knowledge sharing in particular in the field of social change, digital activism and rural innovations.

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Kinegrity: Directing solar panels increases efficiency 50%

Directing solar panels: increased efficiency up to 50%.

Kinegrity directs solar panels for a higher efficiency. Source: Kinegrity.comKinegrity has been developed at the Technical University Eindhoven. It represents a design solution for the integration of dual axis sun trackers to lightweight roof structures. This innovative design makes it possible to direct solar panels. Through manipulation of certain cable lengths it is possible to hinge the struts in desired directions, and direct solar panels for a better efficiency.


Source: http://www.kinegrity.com/
Brochure: http://issuu.com/lucasklerk/docs/kinegrity_brochure_30-7-14


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Desolenator turns seawater into drinkingwater

Clean water with the power of the Sun

Clean drinking-water with the power of the sunH2O. About 780 million people don’t have access to clean drinking water. The team from Desolenator has plans to do something about that. How? With their standalone, low cost, solar powered machine that cleans water, even salt water. Desolenator uses radiation and heat to boil the water, steam runs through a heat exchanger and voila, clean water. If you want to help them, support their Indiegogo campain. Personally I think this is a great idea to use sustainable energy for this necessity of life. Water.



Specifications Desolenator

Parts in the Desolenator Water Cleaner
Standalone (no need for electricity)
15 liters per day
•  Lasts for 20 years
• Price: $450 (early bird $650 normal)



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BioGri: Solar Barbecue and Grill

Using the sun to cook your meat? It’s possible with the BioGri, a barbecue that uses the sun to cook your meat. The mirror reflects and concentrates the sunrays to your food.

Source: BioGri

Do you want your own Solar Barbeque?

High Efficiency Solar Cooker – Easy-to-Use Portable Solar Oven

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