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Keecker, your homepod projector

Keecker: the rolling projector.

Keecker looks like a R2D2’s cousin. It can project on walls, has a 360° camera and can move in your home to bring entertainment, decoration and safety. Aside from its multiple entertainment capabilities, Keecker provides you with home analytics such as temperature, humidity and CO2 level. For security purposes you can check in and see your home remotely from anywhere in the world. Comes with a price-tag: $2,590.

Source: Keecker

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Salient Eye: Your Android Home Security Alarm System

Turn your (old) Smartphone in a Security System.

Salient-Eye turns an Android device into a home security system.  The Salient-Eye application uses the phone’s camera to sense motion, and it sounds an alarm when a break-in occurs. Your phone will capture a stream of photos and instantly send them to you via e-mail and SMS.  And yes, it’s free. A perfect second life for my old smart-phone.

SalientEye App on Google Play



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