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Firefighting with a team of drones

Unmanned Firefighting drone.

K-Max heavy lifting droneThe Lockheed Martin and Kaman K-Max is a special helicopter. Not only because it’s a so called synchropter; a helicopter with a set of two rotors turning in opposite directions. But also because it was originally designed as a manned version. Since the first unmanned prototype in 2008, this is an autonomous heavy lifting Unmanned Multi-Mission Helicopter. The big advantage of these two rotors is that it can carry a lot. For example 24,000 pounds of water to extinguish a fire.  The K-Max in this video is used for:
Water drops
Building a ‘waterline
Emergency Resupply

Drones working together

Indago Drone Source: Lockheed What’s so interesting in this video is that there is a cooperation between two unmanned systems, a big and small one. The small one, the Indago VTOL (Vertical Take Off and Landing) looks like a pretty ‘normal’ quadrotor. But with it’s Thermal Camera it’s looking for hotspots (fires). Once identified, it provides data to an operator who directs the unmanned K-MAX to drop water on the fire.

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DJI sets new drone standard with the Inspire 1

Yes, you can watch this movie in 4K

The shapeshifting 4K video shooting quadcopter

My first encounter with DJI was 6 years ago when we ordered an autopilot to shoot aerial video and images with single rotor helicopter. More than satisfied I’ve been following this company with great interest and their ability to surprise me each time when they release a new product. Some days ago I heard about the DJI Inspire 1 and yes I was stunned with their next innovation. Is this going to be the next generation of drones? Some specs:

DJI Inspire 1

  • Shoots 4K video @ 30 fps
  • 12 MP aerial Photos
  • 3-axis Gimbal
  • 2,9 Kg
  • 4500 mAh battery (18 mins flytime)
  • Dual operator control (pilot and camera)
  • Fly indoors with Optical Flow Technology
  • Price: $2899

DJI Inspire One

Shapeshifter from the future?

And yes it also looks like a shapeshifting, futuristic, aerodynamic must have gadget. (Dear Santa?) What surprised me most is the transforming design in combination with it’s functionality. During a flight the quadcopter can change its configuration to give you a 360 degree aerial view without any obstructions. Can’t wait to see this amazing innovation.


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Drone films whale sharks and mantas rays

Whale sharks and mantas filmed with a drone

Cancun – Mexico. Another great aerial view shot from a quadcopter drone filming these gigantic plankton eating Whale Sharks and Manta Rays. What an amazing experience this must be, to swim and be close to these animals in a crystal clear water.

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Nixie, the flying wearable quadcopter drone

Team Nixie is developing the first wearable drone camera, which can be worn around your wrist. The team will be presenting their prototype for the Intel Make It Wearable Challenge Finale on November 3, 2014 in San Francisco.

Source: https://makeit.intel.com/finalists

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