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The l’Arbre à Vent, Wind Tree generator

An electricity generating tree.

The French company NewWind R&D released their prototype about their idea of ‘green’ energy. It’s called l’Arbre à vent and is a 11 meter high tree filled with 72 Aeroleaf’s, small leaf shaped turbines. Compared to conventional turbines the Wind Tree claims to be silent and capable of delivering 3kW with a modest breeze.

Specifications Wind Tree

Power: 3,1 kW (at 5 m/s)
Height: 11 meters
Price: € 29500 / $ 33000

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Kitepower: Is this Kite an alternative to Wind Turbines?

Generate Electricity with a Kite.

Kitepower Generates Electricity with WindKitepower is harvesting wind energy by using a kite. This results in a eco and cost friendly solution. Traditional wind turbines are expensive to place and maintain. Kitepower would be a few cents cheaper per kilowatt generated, compared to traditional ways. An average Dutch household consumes 3,340 kilowatts per year, resulting in a 70 euro lower electricity bill.

How does Kitepower work?

Kitepower Components. Source: Kitepower.euThe system is operated in periodic pumping cycles, alternating between reel-out and reel-in of the tether. During reel-out, the kite is flying figure-eight maneuvers at high speed (70 to 90 km/h). This creates a high traction force (3.1 kN at 7 m/s wind speed) which is converted into electricity by the drum and the connected 20 kW generator. When reaching the maximum tether length, the kite is de-powered by releasing the rear (steering) lines such that the whole wing rotates and aligns with the apparent wind. Using the drum/generator module as a winch, the kite is now pulled back to the initial position to start the next pumping cycle. De-powering reduces the traction force during reel-in by 80% and for this reason the energy consumed during reel-in is only a fraction of the energy generated during reel-out. Crucial element of the technology is the automatic control and synchronization of the drum/generator module and the flight dynamics of the kite. Source: Kitepower

Other innovative wind turbine alternatives
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