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Kinegrity: Directing solar panels increases efficiency 50%

Directing solar panels: increased efficiency up to 50%.

Kinegrity directs solar panels for a higher efficiency. Source: Kinegrity.comKinegrity has been developed at the Technical University Eindhoven. It represents a design solution for the integration of dual axis sun trackers to lightweight roof structures. This innovative design makes it possible to direct solar panels. Through manipulation of certain cable lengths it is possible to hinge the struts in desired directions, and direct solar panels for a better efficiency.


Source: http://www.kinegrity.com/
Brochure: http://issuu.com/lucasklerk/docs/kinegrity_brochure_30-7-14


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13% More energy with Pitch Control for windturbine

Test also show that adjusting rotor blades individually reduces load by 20 %
A new advanced control system for wind turbines, built by Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN) makes it possible to build larger wind turbines that produce up to 13% more energy. Tests carried out at the ECN wind farm using the system, which allows blades to be adjusted individually, show that the load on the wind turbine blades can be reduced by at least 20 %. The ECN Individual Pitch Control system was subjected to prolonged, large-scale testing on a wind turbine with a rotor diameter of 115 metres – the XEMC-Darwind XD 11

13 % more energy
ECN and wind turbine manufacturer XEMC-Darwind have designed a control system – based on Individual Pitch Control – that allows each of the three rotor blades to be controlled and adjusted individually. A computer programme constantly monitors the wind load and adjusts the positions of the blades accordingly.

Source: ECN

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