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Star Wars: The ‘Fire’ Awakens

The dark side and the light

Stay warm at this Darth Vader Heater So you’ve seen the Star Wars Episode 7 trailer a couple of times. With the release date at December 18, 2015 it still seems far far away. What to do next?  Well, if you are handy and know how to use a tools such as a welding machine you can decide to make yourself a Darth Vader Stove / heater. First you have to find an old gas bottle. Cut some holes, add some details etc etc. End result: The glowing eyes from Vader will keep you warm while you lay on your back in the garden counting the stars.

Source: The complete instructions can be found here.

R2D2 light my fire

R2D2 Star Wars outdoor stoveYes you can also build a R2D2 or Stormtrooper stove

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Glow in the dark bike lane inspired by Van Gogh

Inspired by Van Gogh’s painting Starry Night

van gogh painting the starry nightLast night I visited the glow in the dark bike lane, in Nuenen the Netherlands. Inspired by Van Gogh’s “The Starry Night” last night, this innovation was made by Studio Roosengaarde and Heijmans. They also made the glowing lines on smart highway.  For about 600 meters thousands of tiny stones absorb sunlight during the day and glow at night. At some areas there are small blacklights that give these luminescent stones an extra ‘boost’.

Gallery Glow in the Dark Bike Lane

  • glow dark bikelane verlicht fietspad van gogh starry night
    The stones are charged by sunlight (or blacklight)

Because it was pretty hard to find, these are the GPS coordinates and a KML you can view in Google Earth.

GPS location glow in the dark bike lane

51°27’15.8″N 5°31’43.5″E
51.454393, 5.528742

Download: GPS location Glow in the dark bike lane [KML]
Download: GPS locatie lichtgevend fietspad [KML]

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