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Breathing Earth

The heartbeat of planet Earth seen from Space.

An amazing, almost hypnotic animated gif shows the seasonal change on planet earth.
breathing earth gif ice moving planet change

Curious how this was made? Check the source.

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4D printing: Self-Folding Structures

4D Printing: Change the Shape

What if you could 3D- print something, add some water and watch it change into a new form? Sounds like magic? It’s called 4D printing.

“4D Printing, developed as a collaboration between the Self-Assembly Lab, Stratasys and Autodesk, is a new process for printing customizable smart materials. 4D Printing entails multi-material prints utilizing the Stratasys Connex printer with the added capability of shape-transformation from one state to another, directly off the print-bed.” Using only water, heat, light or other simple energy input, this technique offers adaptability and dynamic response for structures and systems of all sizes. Somehow it reminded me a bit of the shape shifting BMW Gina car.

Source: Self Assembly Lab

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