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Drone detects and avoids obstacles with Intel Camera

Ascending Technologies and Intel develop collision avoidance technology for drones

This AscTec drone detects avoids obstacles with an Intel RealSense CameraAscending Technologies and Intel are developing collision avoidance technology and algorithms for unmanned aerial systems (UAVs), also known as drones. With the use of using Intel RealSense cameras and Ascending Technologies’ AscTec Trinity auto pilot system these drones are capable of detecting and avoiding objects. On one of these drones a 360 camera was To showcase this, Intel created an obstacle course inside the CES keynote ballroom. The AscTec Firefly multi-copter drones equipped with Intel RealSense cameras automatically flew through the course.

Intel RealSense CameraWhy is it important for drones to detect and avoid objects?

First of all safety. “Drone operators and businesses relying on drone services will largely benefit from the unprecedented simplicity and safety of drone operations close to obstacles using this new technology. Reliable obstacle avoidance will also open entirely new fields of drone applications such as automatic delivery of goods or emergency medication”. Source: Ascending Technologies

Playing drone ping-pong

What better test than to play a game of drone ping pong with Intel CEO Brian Krzanich.


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