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Pico: Timelapse function for your DSLR

Pico controls your DSLR camera to create Timelapse videos.

Pico Timelapse Dongle you can connect at your DSRL CameraShaped like a red blood cell Pico is a small device that can put extra life in your DSLR. You can connect Pico to your (DLSR) camera and make timelapse videos.  With the free smartphone app you can create a program and send it to Pico. Then this little device will take control to create the time-lapse sequence. The device is very small ( 0.4 oz / 11 gr) so you can always carry in your camera-bag.

Different Timelapse functions

Pico Timelapse smartphone app for DSLR cameraWith the smartphone app, you can make different time-lapses:
• HDR (High Dynamic Range): Take multiple photographs at varying exposure levels.
• Bulb Ramping: A technique used to compensate for natural changes in light. It is ideal for seamless day to night sequences.
• Speed Ramping: You can adjust the speed of time within the time-lapse to add a cool slowing or accelerating effect.

Some specs of Pico

• Compatible with more than 300 camera’s
• Battery life: 8 years
• iOS 6 or higher & Android 2.3 or higher.
• Price: $55

Read all the specs and more possibilities at Pico on Kickstarter

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BrewBot: Brew Beer and monitor it with your Smartphone

Brewbot: Brewing your own Beer

Always wanted to brew your own beer? These guys from North Ireland make it a three step process with the Brewbot. 1) Find yourself a nice recipe. 2) Follow the instructions on your smartphone. 3) When your brew is complete it has to ferment. Your smartphone gives you a notification.

“A great beer begins with the ingredients; water, malt, hops and, yeast. Understanding what they are and how they are used allows brewers to experiment with processes and styles.”

Price: £2,180/€2,690/$2,800

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Wearables for fast and easy diagnostics

You probably know that you can use wearables to monitor your health, sleep and improvements in sports. Today I attended a lecture by IMEC CEO Luc Van den hove organised by Holland High Tech. He spoke about the company’s vision on ‘connecting the unconnected’, using wearables to not only monitor your health, but also to give you a diagnose. How? To use a blood sample and see the results on your smartphone. Check the short clip.

If you liked this movie, also check out their idea of a Cell Sorter. Researchers are developing a lab-on-chip cell sorter. In this system, cells are pushed through microfluidic channels past a lens-free microscope that identifies them, such as red blood cells or even tumor cells in an early stage.

Get your own wearable to monitor your health

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Roast your own coffee with Ikawa Roaster App

  • Roast your own coffee for Professionals

The IKAWA Roaster and Roast-App is for people who would like to roast coffee at home. IKAWA makes roasting coffee very easy. The User fills the doser with green coffee, presses a button on the side of the machine and the coffee roasts. The recipe for the roast is called the Roast Profile. The roast profile can be modified using an App, on a smart phone.

Source: www.ikawacoffee.com/

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